Chocolate Macarons- Trial 1

Try #1 – Recipe

For the first attempt of this recipe, we followed the directions to the best of our abilities. (We left out the cream of tartar and did not let them sit out for 30 mins.)

In previous attempts with different recipes, we found that the cream of tartar made no difference to the recipe and was just an un-needed ingredient. As for letting them sit out to form a skin, we found that in other recipes it didn’t make too much of a difference, as long as it sat out for about 10-15 minutes. (We were also in kind of a rush to get somewhere.. ;))

Now, getting to the actual recipe…

Just saying, that no matter how they look, this recipe tastes amazingggg.


As you see… this was the first tray. We were a little wary of putting them in because of the temperature of 350*F, which is a little high for macaron making. After a little tweaking, we put the tray on the top rack and lowered the temperature to 300*F.

This is what happened:


See the ones in the back? Yeah, we managed to get one single perfect looking macaron out of this batch. Not a complete fail.




So yes, this recipe will work with a few tweaks that we have yet to work out.

*Tweaks we are trying next time*

  • A little less dry ingredients
  • Use Laura’s oven
  • Don’t handle batter for too long when piping

The game is on, macaron. Till next time, Caitlyn and Laura

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